Into the second week after, the league also will begin to arrange Thursday night game, this season first TNF will be a showdown between al west, in the past three seasons partition top Denver broncos will come to make noise ability as airport arrowhead stadium, to challenge the partition top biggest competitors, Kansas city chiefs.

Hook: largest peyton manning vs the emirates defense

Offseason wholesale jerseys online mustang to replace a new coaching staff, red zone arms tight end Julius - Thomas and strike general Orlando - franklin such important players leave the club, plus also showed the manning has been trapped by a neck injury in the past Are the one and I grew older, widely to manning can also led the title. The new season opener against crow, manning, only 175 yards 0 touchdown once stolen continues to amplify the poor performance of doubt. In only 3 days to recover, and in the face of wholesale jerseys usa emirates defense group is stronger than a crow, if manning, not out of the downturn, so wild and I'm afraid I would swallow bitter loss.

Emirates defense offseason biggest news is almost one hundred million yuan contract last season season's transfer record the flushing hand Justin - Houston, but chief defense group not only a window in Houston. This season first battle against texans, emirates, capture the team in a total of the four killed, and one copy. The characteristics of good at rushed the ball and manufacturing capacity. Chief over the past two seasons, the cause of the mustang is hard to find a win very much in to the emirates cannot limit manning leading horse attacking play, and this is the best time to them for his name.

Emirates attack vs wild horse defense group

"The short man" alex Smith seems to be the continuation of the last season the season opener emirates attack group "characteristic", about 243 yards and wholesale jerseys three touchdowns - 2 times are tight end Travis - kelsey, one was running back jamal - Charles, continue to not take over the outside of the match in addition to signing from the eagle heavily Jeremy McLean 52 yards ball, other outside take little performance. Their key players run Charles, who is running the ball catching all have 50 yards of the equilibrium. The two leader sheik attack wholesale jerseys free shipping group will continue to implement the boss Reid short passing system. authentic jerseys wholesale But the biggest difference is that last season was budding tight end new kelsey seems will be the next horrible white tight end, also is tall, good at catching him 6 times to catch in game 1, 106 yards two touchdowns first-class data sheet. And let a person of, before the end of the season by Shi Taifen sen - croup - moss - tower Cardiff - reed wholesale authentic jerseys chief attacking the front of the opening play a surprise letting a person, in the face of JJ. Watt DE man rushed and hand, wholesale blank jerseys such as the emirates offensive attack let opponents scored only one escape killed. Whether they can low the game will miller's double ghost gate, also is one of the triple substitutions, worthy of attention.

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